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Husband-wife duo purchase Bullet Deliveries

Clint Weimann, CEO, and Whitney Weimann, CFO, have purchased Bullet Deliveries.

The Weimanns came to Charleston in 2003 and started a landscaping company, Good Natured Gardening. After growing the company for 14 years, they sold it to a party in Florida in 2017. They then spent 18 months searching for a new business opportunity, looking at more than 20 companies before finally coming across Bullet Deliveries.

Located at 2664 Industrial Ave. in North Charleston, Bullet Deliveries was formed from three courier companies to provide quick deliveries and customized pickups while ensuring that each package is safe and damage-free. Over a 30-year period, Bullet Deliveries has established itself as the oldest and largest one-day courier company in Charleston. The company has more than 20 vehicles and drivers who are radio dispatched for all requests and service needs in the tri-county area.

“We were very excited at the scalability of the company,” said Clint. “It had been run as a mature operation (in the business lifecycle) for years. Given how the industry is trending both nationally and regionally, combined with specific markets showing robust economic development and healthy projections, we see massive opportunity. This is a great opportunity to reposition Bullet Deliveries and revert back to a growth stage.”

The Weimanns’ goal is to develop the Charleston office to improve efficiencies, market share, pricing strategy, employee development, and cost ratios to more effectively enter other markets and scale responsibly. They also aim to partner with one or more accredited investors who share a similar vision.