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State of the Low Country:Tech Startups Thriving

Charleston’s tech scene has exploded from a handful of companies to more than 250, and the city is gaining a nationwide reputation for the industry. But despite the many successes, there are still some hurdles to face before Charleston’s tech scene ranks with that of Silicon Valley, Boston, or even Austin.

Betting on South Carolina

An energetic and experienced quartet of venture capital experts formed a company that hopes to invest at least half the money it raises in emerging companies in Charleston and the Southeast.

A Rising Tide Lifts All Shared Boats

HOBA is much like the ridesharing apps Lyft and Uber. HOBA has a similar look and feel to its automotive counterparts, and its easy-to-use interface, requesting service, and payment options will seem familiar to HOBA novices and ridesharing experts.

Local entrepreneur shares latest venture

Joe Razum shared his latest venture with the community, TCO Toolkit. The platform provides a vendor neutral calculation for what the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) is on a particular product or service.

AT&T Contributes $250,000 to IAAM’s Founders Fund

The contribution to the IAAM’s Founders Fund brings the museum closer to meeting its private fundraising goal.

Cracking the Restaurant: Ceiling Charleston incubator helps fledgling chefs thrive

Much like its business-incubator counterparts, Workshop offers a safe testing ground for restaurateurs trying a new concept or breaking their way into the oft-competitive industry.

New ‘vimcity’ app provides holistic health connections

“There are a lot of apps out there focused on some type of behavior, and most are focused on one aspect of wellness, like nutrition or exercise,” Johnson says. “We wanted to move beyond the silos of wellness and focus on the whole picture of health and the community.”

Reinventing Urban Movement: How a Local Business is Revolutionizing Southern Cities

Flood launched his bike sharing marketing platform out of his manufacturing plant in Charleston, in which he brings the 100 percent sustainable bikes from concept to manufacturing to integration.

Bintelli drives home a profitable business philosophy

Bintelli manufacturing gas scooters for 15 years in Gainesville, Fla., until Jackrel scooted his company and his out-of-the-box philosophy into Charleston in 2015. He said the move to Charleston was based primarily on the need to expand.

Fowl Expression

The feathers they use are sourced from free-range farms all over the country, but the bowties themselves are handcrafted in Charleston by a team of about 20 different artisans.