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The Citadel Offers New Military History Master's Degree In Fall

The Citadel Graduate College’s new Master of Arts Degree in Military History, a fully online program, is accepting applications now for the courses that will begin in the fall of 2019.

“The Citadel Graduate College’s new Master of Arts Degree in Military History is designed for working people anywhere – officers in the U.S. Armed Forces, professionals in diplomacy, national defense, homeland security and intelligence, or business leaders wanting a deeper understanding of human conflict,” said David Preston, Ph.D., award-winning author/historian and director of The Citadel’s military history program. “And, who better to teach military history than The Citadel, with its distinguished faculty and thousands of graduates serving in U.S. military forces right now around the world?”

Why study military history?

“The eminent historian John Keegan is entirely correct when he says that ‘the written history of the world is largely a history of warfare.’ We study war not in celebration, but in preparation for it, and in recognition of its immense costs and the profound ways that war has transformed nations and societies,” Preston said.

Preston, the Westvaco Professor of National Security Studies in The Citadel School of Humanities and Social Sciences, and The Citadel Department of History faculty created the program.

“Students will examine the full range of conflicts in world history from Greece and Rome to Iraq and Afghanistan, as well as the broader ways that war is shaped by its social, cultural, economic, and political contexts,” said Joelle Neulander, Ph.D., head of The Citadel Department of History.

The Citadel Department of History and affiliated fellows from other disciplines on campus bring together acclaimed and experienced scholars in the fields of war and society and military history for this new graduate degree. Students will be led by faculty subject matter experts in areas that include:

  • The study of war and its conduct, meaning, and consequences
  • The evolution of warfare and its relationship to modern operational environments, joint warfare, civil-military relations, and strategy
  • Armed conflict at all levels of warfare: strategic, operational, and tactical
  • The political, social, economic, environmental, geographic, and cultural contexts of war
  • Analysis and application of military leadership and decision making throughout history
  • The human dimension of war and experience of combat

The Military History program consists of a 30-hour curriculum lending itself to completion in two years or less. Students may obtain either a Master of Arts Degree in Military History or both a Master of Arts Degree in Military History and a Graduate Certificate in Military Leadership at the same time.

To apply to the program or for more information, please visit this web link, or call (843) 953-5073.