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ECPI, S.C. Technical Colleges Sign Agreement

Feb 14, 2018 12:55PM ● By Emily Stevenson

ECPI University and the SC Technical College System have signed a memorandum of understanding designed to increase access and enhance the seamless transfer of students and graduates from the 16 technical colleges in South Carolina to ECPI University.

The SC Technical College System and ECPI University will closely examine and improve transfer functions to expand and encourage access for students who complete an associate in arts, science or applied science degree at one of the state's 16 technical colleges to an approved baccalaureate program offered at ECPI University.

"This public-private partnership creates a tremendous opportunity for transferring students to earn their bachelor's degree much faster," says ECPI University President & CEO Mark Dreyfus. "Through our accelerated, year-round schedule, they can complete their program in about a year. What's more, our skills-based curriculum is aligned with the professional requirements of the workplace which means we can produce graduates who are ready to compete in today's job market."

"Affordability and accessibility are the foundation blocks of the SC Technical College System," said Dr. Tim Hardee, president for the System. "We are the entry point into higher education for the majority of South Carolinians. This agreement with ECPI opens up new doors and provides more options for our students to achieve their educational and career goals."

Once implemented, the program will aid students in making a more seamless transfer between institutions. It will help reduce lost time to graduation and relieve some of the added financial burden now associated with transferring. Students who have completed an associate of arts, science or applied science degree program at a South Carolina technical college with an agreed-upon cumulative grade-point average will enter ECPI University with junior standing. All transfer courses will be accepted and applied to the attainment of the degree appropriate to the student's major.