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Private Wellness Session - Onsite

Explore auricular acupressure, gua sha, cupping, and dry needling for wellness

Class descriptions: 

45 minute sessions are available by appointment  on the second Wednesday of the month at 12:00 and 2:00 pm. 

Auriculotherapy: Auriculotherapy is the stimulation of specific points on the ear to elicit a therapeutic response in another area of the body. This technique is used for pain, headaches, weight loss, smoking cessation, and various other conditions. Battlefield acupuncture protocol uses acupuncture needles on the ear for a few minutes for pain control and other health related conditions.

Gua sha: Gua sha is a form of Chinese physical therapy. Scraping the skin with Gua sha tools and releasing toxins from the body helps to relieve pain, muscle stiffness, as well as upper respiratory and gastric disorders to name a few. Gua sha is also used for beauty enhancements to clear clogged pores and acne, as well as dark spots, and to firm up the skin. 

Cupping: Bell shaped cups are placed on the skin to create suction. The suction increases blood circulation to the treated area to relieve muscle tension, promote cell repair, reduce pain, and form new connective tissue. 

 Heart rate variability biofeedback: A heart-focused breathing technique that helps reduce the impact of stress on your mind and body, and reduces the energy drain, so you can feel more renewed. With this technique you will to into a neutral state that allows you to step back from your racing mind and your emotionally charged feelings. This gives you a chance to pause your emotions and thoughts long enough to consider the consequences and options. 

 Bio: Marcelaine Reneau, PhD, is a board-certified family nurse practitioner with more than 25 years of experience. She specialized in chronic pain management at the Department of Veteran Affairs in Charleston SC for 6 years. Dr. Reneau has a passion for treating fibromyalgia and has published several articles in peer reviewed journals discussing chronic pain treatment options. She also conducted a study using non-pharmacological treatments for fibromyalgia.

Date & Time

2nd Wednesday

Sep 09, 2020 through Apr 14, 2021

12:00PM - 2:00PM

Add to Calendar 09/09/202012:00 PM 09/09/202002:00 PM America/New_York Private Wellness Session - Onsite Class descriptions: 45 minute sessions are available by appointment  on the second Wednesday of the month at 12:00 and 2:00 pm.  Auriculotherapy: ... More info at Bliss Spiritual Co-op 1163 Pleasant Oaks , Mt. Pleasant, SC 29464 FREQ=MONTHLY;BYSETPOS=2;BYDAY=WE;INTERVAL=1;UNTIL=20210414 axEakIwmdzNKaowyWmiv58927


Bliss Spiritual Co-op 1163 Pleasant Oaks Mt. Pleasant 29464 SC US

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