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Charleston Business

Spotlight on Blue Acorn

By Makayla Gay

Located in a renovated warehouse at Half-Mile North, Blue Acorn’s sleek open office holds the promise of helping to rev up Charleston’s bid to become a high-tech hub.

When Kevin Eichelberger founded Blue Acorn a decade ago, e-commerce was a secondary service that some agencies offered. But Eichelberger saw the need for an agency that was focused primarily on e-commerce.

Today, Blue Acorn utilizes e-commerce tools like Magento and SalesForce and tailors them to each client’s needs, whether those needs include a brand new site or just a few changes. Their clients include Le Creuset, Southern Tide, Ticketmaster, Topps, Yeti, and Metallica. Yes, Metallica.

“Four to five years ago, just having website was enough,” says Chris Guerra, chief marketing and revenue officer. Now, that customer e-commerce experience includes not only a website but a mobile-friendly platform.

According to Guerra, clients that initially sought out fundamental change solicit for incremental changes later on: “Incremental change is the response to, ‘How do we make small changes to improve revenue?’” And that incremental change may involve taking a client’s antiquated platform and updating it.

While some websites are initially designed based on what looks good, such an approach can leave gaps in function and data. “No one is doing what we’re doing,” Guerra says, “and we’re on the path to becoming the best e commerce agency ever.”

While an integral part of what Blue Acorn does revolves around design and e-commerce, focusing on clients’ problems means being in the business of something else entirely. “We are in the business of learning,” Guerra says.

A part of constantly changing and focusing on client problems means placing value on client relationships. Guerra says, “We’re not stuffy Madison Avenue guys; we’re a relatable, fun-loving group working with the clients.”

The company gives every employee a day off once a year to serve in a community service project. Blue Acorn also serves the community through various projects such as teaching kids how to code and gathering donations for different charities.